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Aspect Law Group provides business law, intellectual property law, and entertainment law services to people and businesses across the United States. Our goal is to provide high quality legal advice and services to you. We believe in collaboration and building relationships, and are engaged with our clients throughout the entire legal process.

Whether you’re starting a business, about to sign a major deal, or just interested in your options, we can help. Contact Us to find out how we can work together.

The legal equivalent of that amazing mechanic that tells you the truth, saves you money and is a treasured relationship.
— Josh B., Creative Director

A few of our clients:

Our practice areas include:



Game and Software Development
Literary, Game, and Music Publishing
Film and Media Production
Branding and Design Studios
Art and Culture Nonprofits


Contract Drafting and Review
Negotiation and Litigation
Intellectual Property Licensing
Business Law and Startup
Copyright and Trademark

I would highly recommend that someone choose Aspect Law Group as their preferred legal counsel based on so much positive feedback from my community as well as my own, as they’ve helped me start two nonprofits and set up business partnerships that have been very successful!
— Will L., Game Producer

How we work with you:

1. Get in Touch!

Visit our contact page and leave us a brief message. We’ll follow up shortly after and set up a time with you to discuss your situation.

There is no fee for your initial consultation – we want to make sure we’re the right fit for you and that you think so, too. At the consultation we’ll talk about what’s on your mind, where you are in your business, and how we can help.

2. Consultation Methods

We prefer to initially meet in person for your consultation, and generally communicate by email and phone afterwards.

If you live outside the Portland metro area or meeting in person is difficult for you, we can arrange for your consultation to be by phone or a virtual meeting service such as Google or Skype.

3. Let's Work Together

Depending on the legal matter, we bill at either our hourly rate or a fixed cost.

We’ll let you know how your matter will be billed before starting any work, and we always do our best to provide an accurate estimate of the total cost for any project in advance for your approval.

4. Billing and Payments

We send invoices by email at the end of each month for services provided during that month unless you have arranged for a different billing style.

We accept most methods of payment, including credit cards, and can set up payment plans to work with your budget.

They are very knowledgeable and meticulous when it comes to contract review and in how to maintain a client’s best interests during the contract process. As a result I can feel confident going forward with the creative aspects of my endeavor knowing that I’m protected legally.
— Stephan B., Musician and Composer

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