Logos: to Inc. or not to Inc.

Aspect Law Group is collaborating with Design Week Portland for a column called "Creatives Ask a Lawyer". Head over here to find out more. Q: "Do logos need to display ‘Inc’ or ‘LLC’? I have a client that has been told by his lawyer that his logo has to have ‘Inc’ somewhere in it. I have run into this many times, as well as clients insisting that they have to have the ‘LLC’ in the logo. All the information on the web says that it is not needed on the actual logo, but must be on trademark and corporate filings."

You can read the full post and answer to this question on the Design Week Portland tumblr.

In the post, I cover trademark law basics, business law, and general business practices issues. The short answer is that logos do not need to have the business designation but certainly can, and business should use their full legal name when conducting business.

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